Health benefits of lemons

LemonsLemon is a small evergreen fruit tree with a spreading pyramidal crown.

Lemon is rich with calcium group and contains up to 8% of organic acids, up to 3% of sugars, nitrogenous matters, minerals, vitamins A, B, P, C, phytoncids etc.

Pectin matters contained in lemon promote the withdrawal of heavy metals from the body.

Juice of one lemon contains 33% of daily value of vitamin C and 1 table spoon of lemon peel – 13%.

Lemon juice – is a source of citrine. Citrine in combination with vitamin C healthily influences oxidation-reduction processes in the organism, metabolism and strengthens vascular walls. That is why lemon juice is included in different atherosclerosis prescriptions.

Lemon is a wonderful bactericidal agent capable of elimination up to 12 different bacteria. To reinforce the action of lemon as influenza fighter it is combined with tea made of salvia, mint, bottlebrush and plantain.

Lemon repairs digestion processes, promotes withdrawal of waste from the bowels. Lemon reduces headaches and browaches. It is a diuretic agent. It is also used for oral hygiene.

Though lemon is a fairly acid product it on the contrary reduces stomach acidity. Lemon juice and peel bear antiseptic power. Vitamin C contained in lemon strengthens immune system.

Lemon is a good remedy from putrefactive processes especially in liver. Juice of a small lemon and raw yolk in combination with orange juice is a perfect laxative agent and a drink.

Lemon is part of folk medicine in many countries in the fight against: scorbute, yellow sickness, hydropsy, kidneys diseases, pulmonary tuberculosis, acute rheumatism, arthragra etc. In Italy lemon decoction (with peel) is a means against vernal fever.

Diet experts recommend to mix lemon juice with honey to abate acidity.

As a remedy add lemon juice to ? glass of hot water and take it in 2-3 times a day. It can also be added to salt-free salads.

Lemon juice (0.5 of a lemon in ? glass of water) is for sore throat rinsing.

Strong citrus fragrance improves mood. It is used for cleansing and deodorizing of air.

Lemon kernels are toxic

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