Benefits of holy basil

The holy basilBasil is a spicy, medical, annual plant. Before blossom it has a pleasant balsamic fragrance. Thus, meals where basil is added smell good and have delectable flavour.

Caloric value of basil

Basil is a low-calorie food. In fresh condition 100 g of basil contain 27 kcal. In dried basil – 251 kcal due to high content of carbohydrates.  In moderate amount it does not bring harm to a figure.

Nutrition value in 100 g:

Albumen, g

Fat, g

Carbohydrates, g

Ash, g

Water, g

Caloric value, kcal








Benefits of basil

holy-basilBasil contains up to 1.5% of ether oil, 6% of tannins, glucosids and acid saponin. Strong flavour is caused by the content of composite ether oil which content varies from 0.2% to 1.5%. It contains the following components: methyl chavicol, cineol, linalool, camphor, ocimene, tannins, acid saponin. Basil is favourable for gastro-intestinal tract, decoction of leaves is used at cough.

Besides, it contains vitamins C, B2, PP, provitamin A, sugar, carotin, phytoncids, rutin.

Basil stimulates immune system. It guards from almost all contagions. Latest researches show that it keeps down HIV and cancerogenic cells creation.

Basil is used for curing almost all respiratory infections, bacterial and fusarium      respiratory tract infections including bronchitis and asthma.

Basil is a sudorific and antipyretic agent at flue and lung troubles. As a drink basil can be used for mind clearing.

Basil eliminates bacteria provoking caries, tooth stone and dental plaque, fetid breath, ulcers. It strengthens gingiva. But do not chew basil leaves since they contain mercuric, better use basil decoction.

Ether oils contained in basil are valuable ingredients (antioxidants) which prevent one from free radicals initiating cancer.

Basil is effective against meteorism, gastric distress, enzymes contained in basil promote fat burning and weight loss, strengthen nerves, normalize sleep and sexual vigor.

Basil can be taken in not only fresh but in the form of tea. Wash fresh basil leaves, cut small and boil in a liter of water. Filter the decoction, add honey and drink warm.

Unsafe feature of basil

Basil can be harmful if taken in large amounts. It is harmful for people suffering from sacred disease, heart problems and during pregnancy. The reason lies in the presence of mercuric in basil.

Mercuric can cause intoxication. Basil is not indicated for children under 7 years of age.

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