Nuts for weight loss

The benefits of nuts for weight lossIt is noted that fresh fruit and vegetables are most popular for different types of diets. But what we can do in winter when there is lack of fresh produce. Nuts can help since they contain albumen and vegetable fats and they can provide sense of fullness.

Besides, nuts – is a fresh supply of microelements healthy for the body, and nuts are very popular among vegetarians. Proper consumption of nuts containing magnesium and potassium provides immune system reinforcement. Nuts are good at depression, varicose and cardio vascular diseases.

Researchers state that nuts bear antioxidant features and prevent from cancer. Vitamin E contained in nuts is favourable for skin and unwrinkles.

The best combination of low caloric value and health benefits has hazelnut which is well digested. Then goes walnut which inhibits the process of senescence. Then go cashew, pine nuts and peanut.

Almond is also in the list which is not a nut but is very healthy for the body. It is to be noted that almond should be cleaned from skin which becomes toxic at drying.

How to lose weight by means of nuts

hazelnutChoose nuts to your taste or follow diet experts recommendations since there is no essential difference in caloric value: it varies from 551 to 707 kcal in 100 g of a product. The optimal pattern is to mix different kinds of nuts.

Depending on your body peculiarities choose fasting nuts days or 3-day diet with this healthy product. At the first option take 100 g a day any nuts covering with non-sweet tea with lemon or water. One time must deprive of one extra kilo.

At the second pattern meat should be completely replaced with nuts, but sweet products, spice and alcohol should also be excluded and take minimum of salt.

Here is a 3-day approximate menu:

Breakfast: a glass of fresh orange juice at once after sleep, fruit (no bananas and grapes);
Second breakfast: 100 g of any nuts;
Lunch: 100 g of nuts with any amount of fruit;
Nuncheon: a glass of fruit juice;
Dinner: 100 g of nuts, a glass of nonfat kefir.

Losing weight by means of nuts Keep to the menu during two following days changing fruit only. Drink during the day about 1 liter of still water. If you do this – 3-4 kilos will go away.

If the diet appears to be hard for you – spread it for a week, consuming steamed fish, tomato salad with olive oil, lenten soups. If so 4 kilos will go away in a week.

To force the effect add physical loads to nuts diet at least walking for an hour per day.

Now about contraindications. Nuts are an allergen. Consult a doctor before you start nuts diet.

Besides, nuts are hard for liver and are not indicated for people with liver diseases. As for the rest, nuts are recommended to get clean skin and renew the body.

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