Benefits of sunflower seeds

sunflower seedsSunflower seeds – are seeds of an annual plant. Kernels of sunflower are used as food.

Nowadays sunflower seeds are very popular around the world. There is a lot of varieties of sunflower.

Sunflower seeds are the source for sunflower oil.

The waste of the plant is a good cattle fodder.

How to select and cook

It is not so easy to get qualitative fried sunflower seeds. There are many fakes in the market. Be cautious when looking at the production date. It must not exceed 1 month. Otherwise, the seeds oxidize and become rancid.

Fried sunflower seeds can be cooked at home. Take clean warmed frying pan, put seeds on it, fry  on slow fire stirring. Taste seeds from time to time during frying.

Nutrition value in 100 g:

Albumen, g

Fat, g

Carbohydrates, g

Ash, g

Water, g

Caloric value, kcal








The content and availability of healthy matters

Sunflowers seeds contain a lot of healthy fat-soluble vitamins (A, E, D, B group), minerals (magnesium, zinc, iron, fluorine, calcium, iodine), amino acids and poly-saturated acids which lower cholesterol and slower cell senescence.

Healthy and medical properties

Vitamins contained in seeds normalize skin condition, mucous membrane and hair.

Seeds are very good during fasting days. They are also recommended at pregnancy.

Sunflower seeds favourably affect cardio vascular system. They are used to prevent atherosclerosis, heart attack, blood-stroke. Seeds are good for liver operation and bile ducts.

Nails and hair are strengthened by vitamins of B group content in seeds. Seeds oil is used in perfumery.

Unsafe features of sunflower seeds

People with obesity should not consume sunflower seeds since they are a high-calorie product. Sunflower seeds absorb different minerals and microelements including high-density metals which can cause intoxication.

Excessive seeds consumption can bring harm to dental enamel.

Seeds are also not indicated for people engaged in singing.

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