Is lamb meat healthy?

lamb meat Lamb – is a meat of sheep, he-sheep.

The most valuable is meat of young wethers (under 18 months) useless for breeding.

Fat content in lamb is 2-3 times less than in pork.

The advantage of lamb is that it contains 2.5 times less cholesterin than in beef and 4 times less than in pork.

Caloric value of lamb

Caloric value of cooked lamb is 291 kcal in 100 g. 100 g of stewed lamb contains 268 kcal, fried lamb – 320 kcal. Lamb is also rich in albumen and fats and can result in obesity if taken in large amounts.

Nutrition value in 100 g:

Albumen, g

Fat, g

Carbohydrates, g

Ash, g

Water, g

Caloric value, kcal








Benefits of lamb

Lamb contains potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, iodine, phosphorus, iron, vitamins E, B1, B2, B 12, PP.

Lamb is healthy for nutrition for old people and children. It contains much phosphorus which prevents from caries. Lamb fat has low cholesterin content. Lamb contains lecitin which is a preventive diabetes means, promoting pancreatic gland operation and bears antisclerotic properties.

Potassium, sodium, calcium and magnesium salts favourably influence the heart and vessels. Lamb is rich in iron which is necessary for blood formation and is rich in iodine promoting normal operation of thyroid gland.

And meat broths are healthy for people with gastritis and hypoacidity. But meat products should be excluded for people suffering from stomach ulcers and with superacidity. Meat is also not good when there are problems with kidneys. Any meat contains much of toxic matters since animals are fed with antibiotics and hormone growth promoters.

Unsafe features of lamb

Lamb bears the same harmful features as any meat. Uncontrolled consumption of lamb leads to obesity. Old people suffering from arthritis should be careful with lamb eating. There are bacteria on meat bones provoking arthritis progress.

High content of lipids in lamb – is also an unsafe feature of lamb since they can cause heart and vascular systems diseases.

Try to choose nonfat parts of lamb without skin. Better consume lamb cooked with vegetables and greenery.

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