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Low-level laser therapy for weight loss

low-level laser therapy for weight lossThe very treatment using Zerona laser seems to be quite easy. The method is carefree and absolutely painless. It will take less than an hour for each laser session. About only 40 minutes – that is the time for the low-laser process in total.

First the targeted areas are chosen. The area places are hips, waist and thighs where the laser is applied and it lasts for twenty minutes roughly. After that the patient is to be turned over undergoing the same treatment but now the application is made on the opposite side.

Two weeks is the minimum treatment time that is suggested. Each week comprises three complete sessions. Depending on the type of your body and your weight the target loss will be advised you by the physician.

Talking to patients who tried the session, they prove it as relaxing including Zen. There were even patients who were making phone calls to their friends during the procedure.

When a patient is laid he is in a comfortable stationary position for 20 minutes first, the environment is relaxed. At the time the cold laser performs all its work. As for Zerona method cold laser technology is used and the patient feels nothing at the moment.

After you leave the treatment center you may feel a bit lighter and different since bio-stimulation begins in the body.

Everyone who comes for this kind of treatment is offered to listen to music, closing ones eyes and resting while the procedure is being done. You can also listen to the so call white noise – ocean waves or running water. And all this is a relaxing way lasting for forty minutes.

The difference of Zerona laser from other traditional methods of treatment is that with laser is you can escape from hard fat reduction techniques such as gastric-bypass surgery or liposuction. If Zerona, you just lie down, let the laser perform its work and relax.

ZeronaThe efficacy of laser method in emulsification (also liquefaction) of fat was analyzed by 4 separate historical studies. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) alongside with transmission electron microscopy (TEM) was utilized to assess adipose tissue.

Both (SEM and TEM) images discovered the collapse of adipose arrangements due to laser therapy treatment. The state of volume of an adipocyte cell is decreased by the reason of the emulsification process.

The fatty material comes out of the cell and goes into extracellular space. Due to the accumulation of fatty matters the voluminous nature of adipocytes is what that rises to an increased subcutaneous fat area.

Zerona induces the forming of a transitory pore in the membrane of fatty cells. The pore makes the fatty matters seep out into extracellular space. The result of the energy of the laser is shown by the following images.

So you now understand that Zerona treatment liquidates fat and transports it into intercellular space. We distinguish two types of fatty cells such as Visceral and Subcutaneous. Subcutaneous fat is located above the skeletal muscle and also below the skin. Its placement provides proper depth penetration of the energy of laser.

Those patients who contain high amount of visceral fat (located below the skeleton muscle) are not properly indicated for this type of treatment. But if they have subcutaneous fat they can be treated by the method following at the same time the advised diet.

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