Green tea for weight loss

Green tea for weight loss (photo)Green tea appears to be one of the healthiest beverages known.

Green tea is a significant source of antioxidants and other healthy substances.

A number of researches proved that green tea is a fat burning means and it helps to lose weight.

Healthy substances contained in green tea helping to lose weight

Green tea is not just hot and flavored water.

The final drink is made after bioactive substances found in tea leaves are dissolved in the water.

At drinking every cup of high quality tea the body gets a large amount of healthy substances which has potent biological effect.

The most known of the substances is caffeine. One cup of green tea contains 24-40 mg of caffeine. It is less than in a cup of coffee (100-200 mg). But the content is enough for having a mild effect.

Caffeine promotes fat burning being a corresponding stimulant. It also improves the performance of exercise.

But the major benefit of green tea lies in antioxidants content which are called catechins.

One of the most important substances is Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) which boosts metabolism.

To get the profit of green tea you can take it in as a beverage or take extract of green tea in the form of supplement.

Key aspect: Bioactive substances like EGCG and caffeine contained in green tea favorably affect metabolism.

Mobilization of fat from fat cells due to green tea

Fat before being burned must be broken down first in the fat cell and transferred into the bloodstream.

Active compounds contained in green tea using fat burning hormones can speed up the process.

EGCG (main tea antioxidant) can help impede an enzyme breaking down norepinephrine (hormone).

The norepinephrine hormone amount increases after the enzyme is impeded.
The hormone serves a signal to the fat cells and is used by the nervous system and tells them to fat breakdown. The more norepinephrine the stronger the signal is that is sent to fat cells and a greater amount of fat is broken down.

Natural EGCG and caffeine found in green tea have also a synergistic effect.

As the result the fat cells break down more fat moving it into the bloodstream. The energy is then used for other purposes in muscles cells for instance.

Key aspect: The level of fat cells breaking down is increased by the substances contained in green tea. Fat is transferred into blood and is used as an energy source.

Cup of green tea (photo)

Green tea promotes fat burning in combination with exercises

Take any supplement for fat burning and weight loss and look at the label. On the label you are likely to find some teas serving one of the product ingredients.

Especially during exercises, green tea shows repeated increase of fat burning level.

Studies have been conducted. One study shows that individuals who combined exercises with green tea extracts burned 17% more fat that those who did not consumed the supplement. So, green tea is booster for exercises in fat burning work.

One more study that lasted for eight weeks showed that the increase of fat burning took place both during rest and exercises.

A number of studies prove the fact. Green tea promotes fat reduction in the body for long time.

Key aspect: According to numerous studies green tea extract boost fat burning. The effect is greater if combined with exercises.

Green tea boost fat burning with exercises

Green tea boosts metabolism and make one burn more calories

Our organism is permanently burning the calories.

Our cells constantly require energy even at the time we are sleeping since the cells perform billions of different functions all the time.

Studies prove that green tea promotes calorie burning even during rest.

Experts’ data differ from 3 to 8% of calorie burning increase due to green tea.

The effect of calorie burning due to green tea can be compared with expectations from protein diet.

There is evidence of metabolism boosting in the long term even apart from the studies conducted.

The results of one study of sixty obese people taking green tea extract: 3 months, 3.3 kg weight loss, 183 calories burnt.

But note, that there are cases when studies do not show metabolism boost. Finally, it is all individual.

Key aspect: The majority of studies show metabolism boosting and everyday calorie burning.

Useful green tea (photo)

Does green tea make you consume fewer calories?

The core benefit of green tea use for weight loss is that it reduces appetite.

Thus, it will require no effort from us to consume fewer calories.

Green tea affects appetite according to several studies. But the results of studies differ.

Studies conducted with animals suggest that the tea reduces fat amount got with food. As for human beings no confirmation has been got.

Generally, green tea helps us burn fat but it does not appear to noticeably affect the amount of food we consume.

Key aspect: At present, there is no enough evidence proving that the tea makes people eat less. There is corresponding evidence only with cases with animals.

Green tea helps to lose fat, mainly abdominal harmful fat

The effects of green tea influence on weight loss are rather modest.

However, a number of studies show that people lose weight in fact.

The average loss of weight is about 3 pounds according to controlled trials review.

Harmful fat is deep visceral fat. It causes insulin resistance and inflammation. Both can result in severe diseases such as heart disease or diabetes type 2.

Studies conducted show that green tea mostly promotes not only weight loss itself but helps to burn mainly visceral fat which is harmful.

So, as the result, green tea reduces health risks and makes life longer.

Green tea reduces health risks and makes life longer (photo)


The effects of green tea intake for fat burning are rather modest.

It is better to combine green tea intakes in combination with are dietary techniques associated with cutting carbohydrates and eating more protein.

Green tea is favorable not only for weight loss but for other health reasons as well.

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