Healthy smoothies for weight loss

fruit smoothies (photo)If you blend fresh fruit, vegetables and add milk, yogurt or ice cream, then you’ll get a mass called smoothie.

Its main advantage is that all the original ingredients (vitamins, minerals and vegetable fibers) are saved in unchanged form.

Smoothie is a valuable dish that can provide the body with all necessary nutrients without any heaviness in the stomach.

In addition, smoothies can successfully help you to get rid of a hangover and overcome stress, especially if you add rhodiola, guarana or ginseng.

Smoothies against excess weight

Plant fibers contained in smoothies have the ability to increase in volume in the stomach, causing a sensation of satiety. So it contributes to weight loss. However, if you want to get an effective weight loss, you should prepare this beverage without adding high calorie foods: sugar, chocolate, double cream, ice cream, raisins, nuts. Use no-fat milk or yogurt, apples, kiwi, apricots, plums and any berries.

When cooking vegetable smoothie it is good to add crushed dried sea kale instead of salt. Sea kale will supply your body with iodine.

When losing weight a variety of smoothies should become your main food (not desserts between meals). Despite the fact that smoothie is liquid, it contains plant fiber. In order to feel the saturation and not to overeat you should not drink it in a hurry.  It is not recommended to drink cold smoothies, because the feeling of satiety will be delayed in this case.

Advantages of smoothie diet

Smoothie-diet lets lose 5-8 kg for 3 weeks without starvation.There are a lot of various receipts of making smoothies, so you can constantly choose any one according to your taste. Smoothie-diet improves the digestive system. It leads to a healthy eating of low-calorie products habits. Besides the weight reduction, this diet strengthens the immunity, removes chronic constipation, and improves health in general.

Disadvantages of smoothie diet

The constant use of smoothie requires much time. You have to prepare it for yourself individually, so  it may cause problems and misunderstandings between the members or your family.

When you use liquid food, then  less saliva is produced. And saliva is our own antiseptic, lack of it in the oral cavity may cause development of caries and plaque.

Smoothies diet is not recommended for pregnant and nursing women. If you have any problems with the liver, kidneys and intestines you should consult a doctor.

Different kinds of smoothie diet

If you plan to lose 1-2 kg for 3 days, then your smoothie diet should be something like this. For breakfast make smoothie with citrus fruit, promennym grains and greens, for lunch - berries and a banana mixed with rice or almond milk, for afternoon snack - any berries, a pear or an apple, for dinner - half a banana with yogurt and bran. Between meals you should drink water, not coffee or tea.

If you intend to get rid of 3-5 kg for 1-2 weeks, then your smoothies should be more nutritious. Breakfast should contain steamed oatmeal and a banana, lunch - sweet fruit, sprouted grains, berries, afternoon snack - vegetable smoothie, dinner - any vegetables and fruits in nut "milk". As a snack, use any sweet fruit and green.

To prepare vegetable smoothie, you may use tomato, cucumber, parsley, celery, dill, garlic clove, pepper, seaweed powder, a glass of low-fat yogurt.

Fruit smoothies can be very different as well: strawberries with yogurt, grapefruit, blueberry, apricot, Apple, banana, raspberry and so on.

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