Weight loss motivation tips

weight loss motivation Fat – is an inert matter, and even under rigorous exercises carbonhydrates (lighter fuel) are consumed first.

To burn 0.5 kg of fat you have to:

  • cover 232 km at a speed of 3.2 km/h;
  • cover 107 km at a speed of 5.5 km/h;
  • run 69 km keeping marathon pace;
  • ride a horse for 9.5 hours;
  • dance foxtrot for 16 hours;
  • play compositions of Beethoven for 30 hours.

Strong weight loss motivation can arise when a man stops thinking that food is the thing next to his heart and he is ready to revise his eating behaviour and to ask himself: ”Why has gluttony overwhelmed me and the rest has become senseless for me?”.

Only when people understand that they will not starve but improve their life they will accept food limitations. Then, the most difficult first 2-3 months of renewed eating schedule will seem to be easier and the body will be able to adapt itself to eating reform.

People with weak motivation are not able to achieve the intended effect. They criticize any weight loss method and do not believe in personal resources.

To get rid of unpleasant feelings at hunger therapy it is often enough to have a little bite provided food corresponds the diet chosen.

Do not ask yourself "Am I hungry?". Try to occupy yourself with something to switch off from thinking of food. People engaged in physical or mental work do not feel hungry. On the contrary, during rest hours (e.g. on the beach) people constantly want to eat, to chew something waiting for dinner.

There is no need for people dreaming of weight loss to fully abandon meals, certain corrections in eating will produce effect.

To avoid the appearance of "extra kilos" one should learn to quickly react to weight growth. It is not a problem for a modern person with a certain knowledge of eutrophy.

Own weight control – is a normal daily practice like cleaning the teeth. A man inclined to corpulence or obese is to thoroughly choose food products and quickly react to weight growth.

Eight eating rules

  1. take enjoyment in eating;
  2. eat diverse food products;
  3. eat required quantity to have healthy weight;
  4. have meals rich in starch and dietary fibre;
  5. do not eat much fat food;
  6. do not eat sweet products often;
  7. be sure of the presence of vitamins and minerals in the menu;
  8. drink alcohol within reasonable limits.

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