Laurel leaf for weight loss

Laurel leaf for weight lossIt is not easy to fancy any modern meal without spices. Dried laurel leaflets are considered to be the most ancient cookery attribute but few people know that they can provide weight loss.

But it is important to be noted that huge amount of laurel leaf in meals cannot lead to a nice figure, there are certain peculiarities.

Special aspects of laurel leaf consumption for weight loss

Even early greeks used decoction of dry laurel leaves. But one must be very careful since the action is based on body dehydration. The only benefit is that using the method you can quickly lose several kilos in a short period of time.

The method of using laurel is quite simple: take 200 g of milled dry leaf and pour it with cold water, leave it for a while then boil for 20 minutes. Take the cooled decoction half an hour before meals, two table spoons at a time. It is to be noted that the maximum of intakes is 5.

Never forget that this preparation has extremely intense diuretic effect and during the diet one should take not less than 2 litres of water a day, those who go in for sports – even more.

Some people engaged in weight loss procedure add spices with fat-burning effect into the decoction: cracked black and red pepper, ginger powder. This method is allowed but the additions should not exceed 1/6 of the infusion.

Using any of the methods one should remember that following the laurel diet time is to be limited, not longer than a week since urina derives not only fats but healthy matters: calcium, magnesium, potassium. They should be taken additionally in the form of vitamins.

How to eat during laurel diet

Firstly exclude salt from the ration, use sea salt or, what is preferable, powdered garlic with sea weed. Your meals should also contain dried fruit, sea foods, fresh garden produce and 2 bananas daily. Albumen on the contrary should be limited – not more than 160 g per day but not less than 60 g. Do not mix consuming of laurel decoction with vegetarianism.

The effect from the laurel can be strengthened in combination with green tea or strong coffee but such combination is not good for health. Better abandon tea and coffee for the diet period and a week after.

Last but not least: if you start laurel diet before supposed feast remember that alcohol, fat and salty products will add extra kilos to your body. Besides, laurel diet is not good for people suffering from kidney, liver and heart diseases, in any way consult a doctor before the diet.

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