Holy thistle for weight loss

Holy thistleHoly thistle is a plant with unpretentious appearance but it has a number of health properties.

It has quickly become popular emerging from ethnomedicine. Its effectiveness has been proved for ages.

However, holy thistle bears not only medicine properties but it is a plant providing weight loss.

Holy thistle as a medicine

In fact holy thistle is a real medicine. The seeds of the plant contain an active material silimarin which is used at:

  • hepatic and bile passages diseases,
  • gastrointestinal disorders,
  • thyroid body diseases,
  • different skin diseases,
  • constipations,
  • hemorrhoids.

Due to the fact that the plant repairs cells and normalizes liver operation, most of vital body systems start operating accurately. The same features allow the seeds of the plant to be used as a means for weight loss.

Holy thistle seeds for weight loss

It would not be correct to state that the very consumption of milled holy thistle seeds provides weight loss. Weight loss is only a consequence of such major factors as:

  • metabolism improvement,
  • organism digestive processes promotion,
  • antioxidative effect,
  • metabolism acceleration.

It should be noted that the time of weight loss at consuming holy thistle will not be so short. This method is suitable for those who have chosen a systematic and healthy method of weight loss rather than the radical one. The best way to use the method is as a supplement paying more attention to the content of the ration and physical exercises.

Methods of application of holy thistle

Seeds, milled in powder, can be taken in without boiling just rinsing with water. The standard dosage is:

  • if any liver disease – one teaspoon three times a day,
  • as preventive measures – once a day in the morning.

Normally the powder is taken in before or during meals.

However those who suffer from acidity disorder can make decoction to soften the irritant effect on gastric mucosa. One can boil 2-4 teaspoons of seeds in 0.5 of water, and then infuse for half an hour, filter and take a table spoon three times a day.


Any medicine including herbal can have contraindications. So consult a doctor before taking it. Hole thistle is not recommended for children under two years of age, for people suffering from gall bladder edemas, acute cholangitis, holy thistle allergy, certain varieties of fibroid induration, calcium containing calculi, renal and liver failures, pregnancy and lactation.

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