Dancing for weight loss

Dancing womanDo you like dancing? Do you dream of losing weight? We can offer you to use the perfect opportunity to get rid of a few pounds per month, and at the same time to enjoy dancing.

The advantages of this method

Do you know that many newlyweds lose weight after active learning a wedding dance? Yes, dancing, promote weight loss. Everyone knows it. But there are additional benefits of this method of weight loss. They are:

  • physical activity. A dancing man makes many different movements and trains almost all the muscles that need stimulation. In addition, these movements are not monotonous;
  • fun. Dancing is a pleasant pastime. Hardly anyone will dance only because of the absolutely necessary. Often it's still an expression of smb’s own desires, emotions and mood. The sound during music lessons helps people to express themselves. Dancing’s an "antistressful" method, because stress is one of the most common reasons of overweight;
  • body balance. Have you ever paid attention to the gait of the dancers, their grace, and posture? All this is facilitated by regular dance classes.

What kind of dance to choose?

The advantage of this method is a huge variety of dances, which can help you to reach your goal. Nobody but you should decide which dance to choose. It depends on what kind of music you prefer, and what will be more useful to your body.

You can train in a special group or in a familiar home environment. Note, however, that a single dance is much more energy-consuming. If you prefer a paired dance choose a Latin American one, which has the expression and energy. Dancing improves coordination and helps people to be in good shape. Ballroom is the best variant to choose for those who are more interested in correcting their posture and strengthen the back muscles.

The most popular types of dances for weight loss are:

  • Irish. They provide burning of calories, stimulate the leg muscles, and also improve the cardiovascular system and proper breathing;
  • flamenco. Experts recommend it for those who want to improve the shape of their legs and thighs. As due to flamenco, you can make skinny or full legs more well-formed. In addition, this dance provides superb posture.
  • hip-hop. This is one of the most effective ways to reduce weight, as it requires much physical strength. It develops flexibility, strength and endurance;
  • strip-dance. Femininity, smartness and flexibility- constant attributes of those who are engaged in strip dance. This dance is not easy, but it improves your shape very quickly. In addition, this is a great way to get rid of negative self-feeling.

Those people who appreciate the present can choose modern jazz; those who love very energetic movements  can choose zumba and jive; those who want to get rid of cellulite – reggaeton.

As for Eastern dance this diet has become particularly popular, even fashionable now. The reasons are the plastic and rhythm, incredibly beautiful costumes and their positive impact on the health of the body. Oriental dance is not just banal belly dance.

This is a great series of movements, each of which expresses some thoughts. The exciting movement of her hips, the soft movements of the arms, light flying steps of the dancer express love. To practice eastern dance is also recommended for those women who want to get rid of pain in the legs and lower back.

Actually, it isn’t difficult to find a truly "own" dance for weight loss. Just listen to yourself, feel your mood and dance!

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