Dried fruit for weight loss

Dried fruits Since weight loss is essential mostly for women it is often not so easy for them to quit eating of sweet products when they follow any diets.

There is no problem to take away fat, fried products and baking but lack of sweets makes them irritated and brings to depressive position. Such women can be recommended a dried fruit diet.

Dried fruit contains easy of digestion fructose and fruit sugar and favorably influences digestive system.

Some dried apples or plums can be taken in even during hard diets, chewing them for long with water. Hunger will step aside for several hours.

Apricots halves and weight loss

Since excessive weight often appears after 40 years of age with a threat of osteoporosis, apricot halves could be of certain help providing the body with calcium, potassium and magnesium especially when taking diuretic agents.

To still hunger for 4-5 hours 100 g of the product will be enough containing only 200 calories.

Weight loss by virtue of dried plums

Dried plums almost by half consist of dietary fibers which promote normalization of intestinal peristalsis which in its term help the organism to get rid of waste and harmful fats.

Women consuming dried plums at a diet feel well because dried plums are a natural oxidation preventive.

Amazing raisins

All diet experts recommend excluding grapes from the product list but as for raisins – it is considered to be a very effective means for weight loss. Besides, they contain iodine which is good at low-salt diets.

Exotic dates

It is the dates that provide maximum sense of fullness, contain a lot of vitamin B5 which provide working capacity and lucid mind.

To consume dried fruit is easy. You yourself can realign the quantity and compatibility with other products depending on the desired effect. If you want to get rid of 1-2 kilos you can replace breakfast and dinner with a handful of dried fruit excluding sugar and starches from the ration. Many diet experts recommend combining this diet with a nutty one. The extremist alternative is to take 2-3 kinds of dried fruit every two hours with green sugar free tea.

Remember that a big amount of dried fruit and berries is harmful for diabetic and those with heart diseases. As for the rest, dried fruit will promote weight loss and skin state improvement.

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