Tomato juice for weight loss

Tomato juice (photo)Firstly, tomato juice contains natural sugar in the form of glucose and fructose which are well digested by the organism.

Secondly, tomatoes are a rich source of organic acids (tartaric, ethane, lemon and amber – in overripened tomatoes), which regulate oxidation processes in the body preventing from new growths creation.

Tomato contains plenty of minor elements. No wonder that tomato juice favorably influences heart, kidneys and nervous system diseases and acts as diuretic, choleretic, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial agent.

How to consume tomato juice for weight loss

Tomato juice, cheese and nutsIn these later days diet experts recommend tomato diet due to its efficiency and rationality since the diet can help to get rid of extra 5 kilos for 2 weeks and tomato diet is not seasonal because tomato keeps its healthy properties even in the form of pasteurized juice. But anyway one should follow certain recommendations.

Firstly, better not to heat treat tomato juice. Secondly, tomatoes not compatible with all products and their parallel consuming sometimes can bring harm to health.

It is not recommended to take tomato with albumen food (curds, meat, eggs), as for combination with starch products (potato, bread) it can result in kidney stones appearance. The ideal combination for tomato is with cheese, garlic, nuts and olive oil. And do not add salt or sugar into the juice, better add minced greens.

Tomato juice is contradictive for people suffering from pancreatitis, cholecystitis and gastric ulcer.

Tomato juice diet plan

The diet is designed for two weeks and it is rather extreme.

Allot the product consumption for a day as follows:
Breakfast: 1 table spoon of tomato juice, a sandwich with bread and non-fat curds, fruit (except for grapes and bananas);
Lunch: 100 g both boiled fast rice and non-fat fish, vegetable salad, 1 table spoon of tomato juice;
Dinner: stewed non-far beef with vegetables, 1 table spoon of tomato juice.

An extra table spoon of tomato juice can be taken as afternoon meals. Vegetables and fruit can be varied, rice can be changed for buckwheat. In two weeks the diet can be repeated to normalize heart operation and blood pressure.

There is a more extreme way of weight loss by means of tomatoes. Eat 1.5 kg of tomatoes a day (2 days maximum) when you can lose up to 3 kg of excessive weight. The choice is yours.

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