Cycling to lose weight

Weight loss by cyclingEverybody is familiar with a bike. But we grow up and often forget about this perfect way of keeping oneself in tonus and effective weight loss practice.

Exercise bike for weight loss

Cycle ride presupposes fair long staying outdoors which is anyhow healthy. Cells ventilation results in fat oxidation with further destruction. Depending on intensity and the duration of a ride, an hour spent on the bike can burn up to 750 calories.

Of course, a single ride will not bring to success no matter what duration is. It will only result in stress for the organism. Thus, experts suggest that one should start with 20-minute training increasing the duration for 5 minutes every day. If you feel weariness or pain in joints – take a break. Training is to be regular, better take rides on a daily basis or every other day.

Fat burning is effective when you spend time riding for longer than an hour, better – 1.5-2 hours. Heart rate is to be 120-150 beats per minute. That is why it is better to select a bike with computer onboard. In this case there will be no need for you to stop and measure your pulse.

How many kilos one can lose

If you train diligently you can lose extra 0.5 kilos per week or 2 kg per month, sometimes even more. As a matter of fact alongside riding one should lower the amount of consumed food and calories.

Otherwise you will only strengthen you body, muscles, heart and vessels without weight loss. Another rule is important – take meals an hour before or after training.

You should not be upset due to slow weight loss. On the contrary, such pattern of losing weight is optimal with longer effect and the body will better adapt to new reality avoiding stretch marks and sagged skin.

When one can start training

Do not put away training for later. This is a widespread mistake people make dreaming of nice stature. Start just at once, at least withdraw from high-caloric eating.

You can ride a bike at any convenient time. The only limitation is – do not train during high solar activity to avoid heat exposure and sunstroke.

Replace car with bike for all needs, going to the work, shopping, visiting friends. And no traffic jams will interfere with your plans.

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