Weight loss after pregnancy

Weight loss after pregnancyMotherhood pleasure is often saddened by extra kilos which is a common consequence of childbirth.

That is a natural process: the body during pregnancy cumulates mass, lays in stock so that to get enough material for milk production necessary for a child. Do not worry about that, you can bring you stature back if you expend certain efforts.

When to start losing weight?

Do not try to lose weight during first months of life of the child:

  • you will need to accustom yourself to new mode of life;
  • a new family member has occurred which is to be accepted;
  • the child experiences most active period of growth and evolution and requires much attention;
  • you will have to do vaccinations etc.

There are no strict terms when a nursing mother can start putting her stature in a shape. It is individual: for some half a year is the starting point but it can be a year or a year and a half. Do not force yourself.

No extreme diets!

It is impossible to lose weight without correcting nutrition. The problem for a nursing mother is that she cannot follow extreme diet since it can adversely affect the child and health of the mother, bring harm to milk condition. Extreme diet can cause loss of hair, nails destruction.

To lose weight during lactation period it is required:

  • to limit reasonably meals consumption;
  • to lower food caloric value;
  • to exclude fat, sweet, starchy products or at least minimize the consumption of such products. It is wrong to consider fat food necessary for milk nutrition. Fat consumption will not influence your milk but your stature;
  • if you cannot completely reject such products do not take them at least after 12.00;
  • to take meals every three hours fractionally;
  • last eating should be three hours before sleep.

Weight loss at lactation period is a long process and you can lose not more than 2 kilos per month without doing harm to the child and yourself. So, do not consider quick effect.

Physical activity

Correct nutrition is not sufficient for trim figure. Physical exercises are necessary and what is even better – fitness center.

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