MoomiyoMost people want to lose weight and not to bring harm to the organism.

There are lots of modern techniques for everyone: extreme diets, diets for lazy ones, but the core rule is that no diet can help without physical loads.

But diet experts still try to find a miraculous means for ideal figure.

Let us speak about some ancient medical means – moomiyo.

Benefits of moomiyo

Moomiyo contains a lot of organic and inorganic matters. It is obtained from rock splits, Central Asia is the key source of moomiyo.

Moomiyo from ancient times is a well known matter helping to lose weight and get rid of cellulite. The Chinese started to use moomiyo almost one thousands years ago. Moomiyo contains bio-effecting agents which can promote circulation of blood and oxidation processes in skin cells. When taken internally moomiyo cleans the body, stimulates metabolism which is also critical for weight balance.

However, being a bio-effecting agent, moomiyo should be taken carefully, in proper quantities and under the care of experts not to bring harm to health.

Methods of weight loss with the help of moomiyo

There are different ways of using moomiyo as a weight loss agent:

  • for internal use in the form of pills;
  • attrition of skin with moomiyo based cream;
  • having a bath with moomiyo;
  • anticellulite packs.

moomiyoAt oral use one should remember that consulting a doctor is compulsory especially if any allergic problems exist. Do not exceed the dose of 0.2 g of agent at weight under 70 kg, 0.3 – at 80 kg, 0.4 – at 90 kg and 0.9 if the weight is above 90 kg. Take moomiyo twice a day on an empty stomach. After a 20-day course make a break for a month. It is prohibited to repeat treatment more than four times. During weight loss exclude sweet and meat meals, fried food from the ration. Add more fresh fruit and vegetables.

Even if you lose weight it does not mean that the cellulite problem has been settled. Use moomiyo creams and packs. You may prepare it yourself. Take any cream with caffeine, add moomiyo and rub the certain areas. Ether oils can be added like orange oil.

If you do not suffer from heart and vascular diseases use the blend for packs which are even more effective for skin cleanse and effacement. Food wrap can serve as a thermos. After the procedure which lasts for about an hour, lie and relax.

Baths taking with moomiyo is called “balneotherapy”. Optimal dose is 5 g for half of a liter of water (boiled). Solute it in a bath and stay there for half an hour at least. The body should be clean, use any scrub to open pores. Contrast shower hydrotherapy follows after the procedure is finished.

You will see how extra centimeters go away from certain areas of the body, your skin will also look and feel better.

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