Garlic for weight loss

garlic for weight lossIt is important to consume garlic correctly. Garlic contains amino acid alliin.

And when the acid is mechanically affected (cut, chewed) it contacts with the air and turns into allicin.

Researches proved that garlic promotes weight loss, lowers cholesterin level but also helps to grow muscles. Heat treating of garlic is prohibited since it loses its healthy features.

It also helps to protect vascular system, favorably influences acuity of vision, raises immune system.

Garlic dietary benefits

Garlic is also good for appetite improvement. It promotes metabolism – a key factor for weight loss.

Here is the menu for a week


Breakfast: 2-3 garlic cakes cooked of whole grain meal and a glass of non-sweet lemon water.
Lunch: vegetable salad dressed with olive oil and pressed garlic, non-sweet chamomile tea.
Dinner: rye bread toast with grated garlic, tomato salad, mint tea.


Breakfast: 2-3 baked apples, toast with garlic, tea.
Lunch: tomato salad with pressed garlic, toast with butter.
Dinner: eggplant stewed with butter with grated garlic.


Breakfast: grated cooked beet salad with prune and garlic, tea.
Lunch: potato soup, toast with garlic, juice.
Dinner: raw fruit.


Breakfast: porridge with a garlic clove, tea.
Lunch: stewed vegetables with garlic, briar tea.
Dinner: garlic thick pancakes, juice.


Breakfast: two hard boiled eggs with garlic clove, tea with lemon.
Lunch: stewed eggplants with garlic, coffee sugar free.
Dinner: vinegar pickled mushrooms with pressed garlic, juice.


Breakfast: fruit salad, garlic clove, lemon drink.
Lunch: garlic broth with grated cheese, a toast, tea.
Dinner: omelet with grated garlic.


Breakfast: grated carrot with olive oil and garlic, sugar free coffee.
Lunch: garlic balls (cut white bread with one boiled beet, squeeze garlic, make balls and fry in vegetable oil), juice.
Dinner: milk and fruit cocktail, 100 g of non-fat curd with garlic, tea.

Consult a doctor before you start a garlic diet. It is mainly critical for people suffering from heart diseases.

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