Jogging for weight loss

Jogging in the morning for weight lossIf a gym membership does not fit into your limited budget and you really want to lose weight, then put on your comfortable shoes and go for a morning run. This exercise will not cost you a dime, but you’ll get not only a slim body as a "bonus".

Why does run make your figure slim?

At night (while sleeping) people burn about 50 calories during one hour. When working on PC – 100 calories, walking at a slow pace - about 200, and finally jogging - about 360 kcal. It is easy to calculate that the energy expenditure of the body during the usual half-hour’s jog is almost equal to the three-hour’s "doing nothing" lying on the couch or 1,3- hour’s working in an office.

What is the reason for such caloric expenditure of a runner? Jogging is an aerobic (i.e., requiring oxygen) exercise. In the process of cross-country training almost all the muscles of the human body contract. In order to provide all the muscles with oxygen, heart is forced to contract more intense. As a result, all systems and organs also work more intensive than being at rest, so metabolic processes get accelerated, and calories received from food are burnt more efficiently.

Why in the morning?

Jogging in the morningThe joggers choose early morning for their training because the city hasn’t awoken yet, the streets are almost empty, and the air is fresh and clear. Morning training disciplines you as you have to get up at the same time. It develops positive-thinking and optimistic attitude towards reality as you admire the bird's twitte ring and a wonderful sunrise landscape. It mobilizes the hidden reserves of your body as you need to run a long time.

In addition, the interval between 5 and 7 a.m. is the first peak of biological activity. If you believe the researchs of physiologists they say that this period is the best time for people to cope with their physical stress .

How to jog to lose weight?

Although running for weight loss is not classified as rather complex technique that requires a special approach, you still should follow a few simple rules. They will help you easily transfer your workout and improve its effectiveness.

  1. Frequency. You have to run at least 5 times a week.
  2. The warm-up is necessary, otherwise high physical exertion may cause sports injuries or even heart disease. This is especially important for few traine people with great excess weight. For them the training should start with walking.
  3. Duration must be about 40 minutes. In order to start the process of burning calories you should stretch the muscles intensively at least for a half an hour. 
  4. Meal. To have breakfast before training is not supposed. But in order to maintain the water balance you may drink a cup of weak tea.
  5. Shoes. Since we are not talking about the preparation for the professional competition, so your equipment may include just a pair of comfortable shoes. The only necessity is that they must fit you.
  6. Running speed and heart rate. If you want to lose extra pounds without harm to health, your heart rate should not exceed 150 beats/min. So just run jogging (i.e. relaxed "slayte" foot on the asphalt). In this way you’ll hold the speed of its movement in the range of 6 to 8 km/h and will not overload the heart.
  7. Don't stop training suddenly, it doesn’t matter how much tired you are - it can cause dizziness or even loss of consciousness. Conclude the session smoothly, gradually slowing down the rhythm of running.

Approximately in a month after the start of training you can notice a slight increase in body mass and the steadily declining volumes. This is a normal phenomenon when light adipose tissue is transformed into a more severe muscle tissue.

In addition, jogging can improve the work of the circulatory and respiratory systems, it relieves depression and cheers you up. So a good mood after jogging is guaranteed!

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