Water fasting weight loss

Water fasting weight lossThis method means that for a definite period of time you consume only water but food.

We all know that fasting period is part of almost all religions. During such period an individual cleanses himself, cleanses the body and mind, and becomes closer to God.

Toxins come out of the body. Besides, water fasting results in weight loss. But if you only cease the diet your weight quickly comes back. So, to achieve positive results from the diet you should be cautious afterwards and keep to a proper eating then.

Remember, that water fasting is sort of a starting point to change your mode of life.


Before you start the fasting prepare the body consuming little portions of food to avoid further stress for the organism. Light meals, fruit, vegetables will suit. Brown rice and lean protein will also do.

Eat more fiber containing products which will help your body to adapt to fasting. Better to choose from 1 to 3 days for the water diet. During the period avoid serious physical loads. Try not to do mentally hard work also. Even if the main objective for you is weight loss no exercises are allowed at the diet time.


The water fasting program is very simple since the only thing you do is that you intake only water. In case you have not tried water fasting before begin with one day and monitor the reaction of your organism. The amount of consumed water is not limited. During water fasting you may spend the time in meditation or reading.


At the first time you may feel weak and tired. If you check your weight during the diet remember that much of your mass loss is fluid. And when you return to ordinary food consuming the weight can return. Another thing is that during fasting people are often irritated.


When you start following the water fast you begin to understand your appetite better. Now you better feel what the feeling of hunger means for yourself. Those who recommend the diet assume that the water fast can extend your life time and reduce the danger of getting severe diseases.

The internal parts of you body (kidneys and liver) are cleared from toxins during the fast and when you stop the diet the organs are in better condition for consuming common foods. But again, water fasting is only one part of your weight loss program. Healthy diets and doing physical exercises are also necessary for best results.


Of course, you will lose a certain amount of fat during the diet. But as for tissue of the muscles it may also become lose some of it. The cause lies in metabolism slowdown.

Do not exceed the fast for more than 3 days, otherwise your digestive system can worsen or your nails may crumble. Do not often repeat fasting weight loss since it is not good for your heart. And there are certain contraindications for the diet: pregnancy, obesity, cancer and diabetes.

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