5 Pounds in a Week weight loss

5 pounds in a week weight lossFast easy weight loss is a reality.

You can lose up to 5 pounds in a week time if you follow our recommendations. And your sacrifices will be rather small.

You should not follow everything suggested in the plan below.

Four or five tips of the plan included in a 7-day plan will result in a certain success.

Ambitious individuals can choose more tips of the plan.

1. Make water your main drink

Light beverages (fruit smoothie, energy drinks, light beer) contain 100 calories each. But they do satisfy you as food does. So they are waste.

As for water, there are no calories, no carbohydrates and almost no sodium in it. If you find water not tasty add mint or lemon in it.

2. Say No to pasta and white bread

Try to ban all products made of white grain (spaghetti, white rice, sandwich rolls).

These products contain simple carbohydrates which badly influence the appearance of your belly. Simple cabs are digested quickly but you still feel hunger and eat again and again.

The next step can be replacement of grain products with vegetables. Make chicken salad rather than sandwich with chicken. Vegetables consist mostly of water and the help get rid of excess water weight.

3. 30 Minutes of cardio a Day

You can do any workout you want. The aim of workouts is to get heart rate up which burns calories.

Use interval training to burn more calories: alter intense exercises with slow activity, advise the trainers.

4. Drink Coffee before Workouts

In spite of the tip where we offered water days, coffee before doing exercises beneficially influences working out energizing them.

5. Have Nightly Sex in proper position

The you-on-top position is much more effective for fat burning. You are more active at the position and you burn up to 144 calories for 30 minutes.

Try also reverse top position when you face away from the guy, it will give extra pushes to your butt.

6. Add 30 minutes to night sleep

Extra half an hour of sleep no matter for how long (5 or 8) hours your sleep lasts, refreshes yourself and you will choose better foods and metabolism will improve.

7. Sacrifice with one food

Try to cut out at least on customary food like chocolate dessert or chips. Doing so you will subtract calories (a few hundred) from you diet.

8. Take salmon for lunch

Salmon promotes muscle building and improves your skin. Diet experts say that a portion of salmon may at once make your face look better.

9. Always Stand Up Straight

Keep your spine straight with your shoulders back and that will make you look slim.

10. Do Squats and Sit-Ups

This technique is popular among bodybuilders. It adds certain definition to muscles.

11. Take Antigas Pills

The chewable tablets are sold at all drugstores. They relieve bloating and withdraw gas bubbles from your digestive tract.

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